Venture-first fund providing next level capital to grow SheEO’s women and non-binary-led impact ventures


TheVenture.Fund is an activator-advised fund that aligns investments with SheEO values:

We are TheVenture.Fund.
Funding the World's To-Do List.

Now accepting global accredited investors with global venture targets.

TheVenture.Fund is a fund based in Canada, accepting global accredited investors. Through SheEO, Activators have developed meaningful relationships with Ventures and supported them to grow their ventures.

TheVenture.Fund invests in women and non-binary people-led impact-driven SheEO Ventures delivering impact on the World’s To-Do List.

This fund provides equity to a diverse portfolio of impact ventures, along with the experience of investing with aligned partners and the opportunity to contribute to a new paradigm that aligns capital with goals of human and ecological flourishing.


Our founding team

Founding Investor, Tania Lo

Venture Builder, CEO at Tandem Innovation Group, SheEO Activator

Investor, Advisor and Co-creator of over 100 Ventures.  Tania convenes a network of over 150 Venture Builders who work with clients to navigate complex business opportunities by providing fractional C-Suite solutions, combined with back-office support for their immediate needs.  

Founding Investor, Hilary Kilgour

Founding Investor, SheEO Activator, Venture Builder

Investor, Advisor, and Board Director that builds products, scales ventures and develops the capacity of entrepreneurial ecosystems to impact global systems level change. Hilary has led local and global investor programs with focus on gender and impact. Her 15+ experience spans Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies, and leading high growth, global brands in diverse sectors: SaaS tech, fintech, startups, lifestyle and ecommerce. She advised for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and was selected by Clean50 and Corporate Knights for scaling impact for global organizations. With an MBA in Sustainable Systems from Presidio Graduate School, she completed her BAH from Queen’s University where she was an All-Canadian athlete.


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